"You piece it, I'll quilt it."

- Elena

Welcome! Welcome! My name is Elena Plachno.

I am a mother of four and wife to a great guy. We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains and love being amoungst tall redwood trees and friendly neighbors. It is a good life.

I am a longarm quilter too. I made my first quilt when I was 11, it was the beginning of a life long fascination with fabric and quilting.

I have owned a Gammill Classic Plus for 13 years. Recently, I had my Gammill retrofitted with the Statler Stitcher system to become computer aided. I love it!

I hope you choose to let me work with you to complete your quilt. I am happy to set up an appointment with you. Please email me at elena@elqc.com

I am lucky enough to live in the Loma Prieta area of Los Gatos. I say lucky because it takes the same amount of time for me to drive into Silicon Valley as it takes to drive to Santa Cruz/Capitola. I am open to meeting with you at my home, your home or some place in between. If you will be shipping your quilt top, please email me at elena@elqc.com

I enjoy all different approaches to quilting, modern, traditional, practical and art. Helping others finish their quilts brings me happiness! We will work together to choose the quilting that will bring you joy in the quilt you take home.

Quilting Categories

Edge to Edge is an all-over design. Usually, the quilting is contained within a border area, but with the edge-to-edge technique, the quilting can include each and every centimeter. The prices for this can very depending on the density of the quilting.

Custom quilting refers to having a border around the quilting.

Heirloom encompasses a more intricate approach to your quilt. This level of quilting can include many different techniques, including "Stitch in the Ditch", 2 or more borders, intricate hand-guided quilting, and crosshatching.

What you need to do before we meet

  • Remove loose threads from your quilt. I use a lint roller for mine.
  • Press your top. Use an iron and press down on the quilt. Try not to move the iron while it is in contact with the quilt. Doing so may stretch out the fabric and can distort the seams.
  • Signify the top of your quilt. If your quilt has a top, make it obvious which part it is. I suggest doing so with a safety pin or a clip.
  • Prepare your backing. The backing must be square and 8-10" larger than the quilt top on all four sides.


I have a minimum quilting charge of $75.

The main price comes from the quilting type. Edge-to-edge costs between $0.025 and $0.04 per square inch depending on the density of the pattern. Heirloom, the most intensive, and Custom start at $0.05 per square inch.

You are welcome to bring your own batting, but please make sure that the batting is as big as the backing, including the 8-10" extra, but I do have batting available.

I also charge for any extra services. Piecing, pressing, and squaring up the backing each cost an extra $25

Elena's Quilting Cottage, Inc.

Pricing Calculation

Customer Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Specific Instructions:
Quilt Top SizeIn inches, please enter the width and height of your quilt. Standard sizes are also supplied for your convenience.
Width inches
Height inches
Area square inches
Perimeter inches
Length inches
Quilting Type
Edge-To-Edge $0.02 - $0.0275
Custom $0.03 - $0.0375
Heirloom $0.04
Other Items
I'll bring my own Free
Warm and Natural 100% Cotton $0.35 per square inch
Hobbs 80-20 $0.20 per square inch
Backing Prep:
Piecing the backing$20
Pressing the backing$20
Squaring up the backing$20
Rush25% Increase
Sales Tax (8.75%)
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